Boxes not falling as positioned


POONTA (datafreegames) boxes not falling where placed. It happens on levels after the last chapter level.



I have updated both, and to the newest versions.

Please check on, and and let me know if it still occurs, and if it does occur, where it occurs (on which domain).


Still not falling in position. I checked Please see screenshot below. Tut box scene


what about the other domains?

#6 seems to be working.

#7 also seems to be working.


Where does this happen? How do I get to see this?

Just tell me the steps to see this and then I’ll see if I can fix it :slight_smile:


It happens on scene “Chapter 1 end beginning” for example. You need to play 1 - 5. Then there is an animation after completing 1 - 5.


This one?

Perhaps this is only happening on your “user” for some reason?


It happens on my phone (android), if i clear history and refresh. Click on “New”, go through levels to “Tut - Grass” scene. On “Tut - Grass” scene - see screenshot below


It looks fine on my phone:

Does it happen on any other devices of yours?


I’m trying to look at this now, one question.

What’s this for? (The tick mark at the top left, in the state manager?)



Mornster can you please also take a video of this happening?

Use (AZ Screen Recorder) to take a video on your phone.


That tickmark was just for testing. The tickmark is disabled.


Hey @Mornsta,

Check out - I’ve got a possible fix deployed there.

Remember to clear cache, refresh a couple of times to make sure the new version is loaded.

And then go through a couple of times as per normal and see if it happens again.

Let’s hold thumbs this time!


Hey @Mornsta,

I’ve updated, and of course

Lets hope it fixed!


It is working! Awesome! I tested it on all sites. I would say definitely fixed.