Issues and Bugs


List any issues or bugs you find here. Please include a screenshot and a list of actions to reproduce the issue. If you want, also add your game ID.


– One sprite in toy offset bug
– Collision Collide “+” button dissapears, cannot add another component
– Camera jump around when a child of a toy with pan controller

Feature Request
– Swipe angle function
– Import Multiple images that automatically becomes sprites
– Pause Component, similiar to remove component
– On button tap component add “active while down press”
– Set background colour per scene
– Add tick box for “Made by PlayBoxCade” animation
– Possible to swap between sprite,shape,spline and toys in component view
– Able to add more cameras into the same scene with the ability to switch/tween between them

Potential Change
– Collision boxes only work in toys, make it work on a sprite
– Multiple collision boxes in a toy has the same name, confusing when setting up the collides

Community Forum Requests
– In PlayBoxCade Build mode, post current screenshot / 5seconds to the forum.


– A ability similiar to “Move to” but a “Point to” component.

– Also doing a 360 degree turn on a tween is stuttering.


Fixed. Use a dot instead of a comma in all numbers.


I just thought of a “cycle component” in the “tree view”


You can cycle in a state manager by limiting the property using the “Limit Property” feature.


Love the “Point to” idea! Will put on the backlog.