🔗 Link components (Tap Controller & Key Controller)

When I link :link: the Tap Controller & Key Controller it doesn’t work.

What do you mean exactly?

I have a “Tap Controller” with an “Emit Event” component attached to it. When I link the “Key Controller” to the “Tap Controller” and press the assigned keyboard key then nothing happens. I am trying to link the components so that I don’t need to reattach and reconfigure all the components to the “Key Controller”.

You have to re-attach them. You cant just link the tap controller to the key controller. Just relink the same components from the key controller.

Something like that?


Now click on ‘Enter key name’ and… enter the key name


I will change all my directional buttons to “Tap Controller” for mobile and “Key Controller” for desktops and laptops, but before I delete all my “Key Controllers” with all previous features I have added before getting the link right - how will I add a “Cooldown time” to the “Key Controller” as the keyboard button is much more responsive (repeat pressing)? There is a “Cooldown time” on the “Tap Controller”, but not on the “Key Controller”.

There is a cooldown component you can use to add a cooldown to any component.

Put the cooldown component between the key controller and your other component.

It is working! Cool.