New features and ideas


Want a feature? Thought of a cool idea? Give us your feedback here and we’ll see what we can do to add it to PlayBoxCade.


Idea: state manager feature


Add option to state manager to not destroy old asset when changing state

Finish tween doesn’t work when flip tween is active


Try and unparent it? Perhaps that can do what you want. Otherwise, yeah maybe a cool feature to add.

Will fix this.


Yo dude, fixed the tween issue.

Let me know if you agree of my interpretations around what start and finish with flip and loop and combinations of the two


I design all my elements in Illustrator, export and import into PBC.

Getting an organic layout recreated in PBC is quite a challenge.
I exported a guide image to line up all the images and it is still a challenge.

Is it possible to get a snap to pixel,shape,grid function. It will make using a
guide image much easier.