Time set to zero on a scene (not zero when accessed from another scene)


I have a script in a camera to set the time on that scene to zero. When I access the scene from a previous scene then the timer starts on 3 seconds and not zero seconds, but when I refresh the current scene (the one with the timer) the timer refreshes to zero. Why doesn’t the timer start on zero if accessed from another scene?


I think it’s related to skipFrames setting on scene change.

I’ll look into it

Dankie Mornster


Where can I see this? How do I see the counters on POONTA ?


I have added in a timer on scene 2 - 5.


This has been fixed.

Please check whether it breaks something else :slight_smile:

Use this link to test it:


Yeahhh! The timers are working now. So now POONTA can be played against time. Thanks.